So, you may be wondering how you will spend your days at camp.  Besides working on a killer tan, making lifelong friendships and positively impacting the lives of hundreds of kids, you will:

  • Prepare yourself for your daily routine
  • Have your activity facility/equipment ready to go
  • Check your activity schedule
  • Prepare the campers for their daily routine
  • Eat well
  • Get lots of fluids
  • Participate in evening programs
  • Oversee meals/hygiene/bedtime
  • Enjoy a period off and an night off to enjoy with other staff members.

Cabin Life:

Living in a communal setting with 3 other staff and a bunk of 10-12 campers can be challenging at times.  It will be important to work closely with your fellow counselors to create a rapport and trust which will help make everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable.  Set expectations and create a safe space for you and your campers from day one and we guarantee the memories made as a bunk will be cherished for a lifetime.  A few perks to look forward to at Camp Blue Ridge:

  • Air-conditioned cabins
  • Interior restrooms
  • Regular nights off
  • Great food