Getting ready for the summer:

Travel Information:

Most of our staff arrive to camp via car or staff shuttle from Atlanta International Airport.  Prior to camp, we will send you all the information you need to know for successful arrival to camp. 

For those traveling via flight, you will be given information on your arrival day and time window.  A staff shuttle will arrive at the airport to transport all arriving staff to camp so it will be important that you schedule your travel itinerary within the required time and date to ensure you arrive at ATL in time for transport to camp. 

For those arriving by car, you will be given a day and time window for arrival.  We have designated staff parking outside of the camp gate but within camp property where you will park and secure your vehicle.  

Staff Orientation:

Staff orientation is an exciting time for all as we prepare to welcome our campers and ensure our staff are comfortable, connected and confident prior to opening day.  This week will encompass a combination of staff training and certifications, team building and an opportunity to ready your program areas, teams and cabins for the summer.  We work hard to keep things fun and engaging during this time with an emphasis on understanding policy, procedures and everything needed to keep our campers and staff safe and happy throughout the summer.  A sample of things you can expect during this week:

  • Receive your cabin assignment & unpack
  • Join us for all meals
  • Bring your packet to the intro meeting
  • Be ready to make friends for life!
  • Take a camp tour
  • Prepare your activities & cabin for camper arrival
  • Create program plans and inclement weather plans for rainy days
  • *LG, water skiing & climbing instructors will receive on-site training
  • Enjoy many social evening activities & programs
  • Make your cabin inviting and welcoming for your campers
  • Unpack campers prior to their arrival