At Camp Blue Ridge, we provide our staff with opportunities to not only work at camp but also gain unique and practical experiences that will put you one step ahead when it comes to completing your degree, landing that first job, or vying for a promotion. We have designed a unique Internship Program that caters to High School and College Level students alike. Whether you are looking to complete an independent study, satisfy required community service hours or complete an internship, together we can maximize your summer and provide you with an experience you simply can’t put a value on.  


Our Internship Coordinator will meet with you and hand tailor your internship experience to ensure all requirements are met and all areas of interest are experienced throughout the course of the summer. Some example areas include:

  • Camp Administration
  • Facility Management
  • Program Planning
  • Staff Management
  • Food Service Management
  • Risk Management
  • Nursing
  • Program Area Specific Projects

We will work within your university’s requirements to ensure your internship hours are met through pre camp preparation, staff orientation, daily camp operations and post summer evaluation. We are committed to diversifying your exposure at camp and providing you with designated time to complete assigned projects throughout your internship experience. At the end of your contract, we will complete an in-person evaluation, provide you with resume building techniques and act as a letter of reference for you.

CALL Tory FOR MORE INFO  919 609 0183