Staff's most asked questions.

What do the cabins look like?

Our cabins are all air conditioned with oak bunk beds, interior restrooms, and laminate wood floors. Many of our cabins are set up in units, meaning two bunks share an entry way with one bunk area and set of bathrooms to the left and one bunk area and set of bathrooms to the right.

What is the camper/staff ratio?

A typical cabin will have 10-12 campers and 3-4 staff.  We practice the rule of 3 which means you will never be alone with a camper.

How good is the food service? Do you cater to special diets and allergies?

We have an excellent chef that is happy to accommodate any food allergies and/or dietary requests. Each meal is accompanied with a side bar with fresh fruits, salads, pasta, and other items. Our food is not typical of a camp environment, our chef has a wealth of catering experience and does an excellent job providing our campers and staff with enjoyable, well rounded food options.

Is there a clothing list?

Plan around an active schedule. Temperatures are typically cooler in the mornings and evenings and warmer throughout the day. It’s important to remember to bring athletic shoes, as these are required at all activities besides waterfront. In addition, please make sure any clothing you bring is appropriate for a summer camp setting and will not be offensive to anyone in style or language.

How is my laundry done?

Staff laundry can be done weekly on our staff laundry day, or you can drop your laundry with your campers on their cabins scheduled laundry day each week.

Is there Wi-Fi access?

We do offer wi-fi at several locations around camp for staff to access during their time off.

Is there a gym and workout room for staff?

We do have an indoor gym with a basketball court that staff can utilize on their time off when scheduled camp activities are not in session. In addition, there is a fitness room with weight equipment that can be utilized with a partner during time off.

Do I need to bring anything special to camp?

You are welcome to bring comfort items to keep you occupied while on duty in the cabin such as books, games, portable speaker, etc. We recommend you bring items that will keep you cool throughout the day such as a water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat. Many staff bring fun items for our themed events, a musical instrument they enjoy as well as any items they may want for time off. A few things you should NOT bring to camp include inappropriate reading material, weapons, and alcohol.

What will my daily routine look like?

The daily schedule is the same Sunday through Friday in terms of wake up, meals and activity periods. Our evening activity program varies by day with some events including all camp and others divided by age group. Saturdays are a camp favorite, these days start with a later wake up, more cabin time and an all-camp special event ending with an all camp beach part. For more information on the daily schedule, check out our website at

What will orientation be like?

Orientation is a week in length. During orientation, you will spend time acclimating to camp and our facilities, meet and team build with fellow staff, prepare your program area for the summer, and learn about important camp policies and procedures. For staff that require specific on-site certifications, you will work with outside vendors during this time as well. We work hard to keep staff training informative, creative, and engaging. In addition, there will be time for you to enjoy camp prior to camper arrival and create strong relationships with your co-counselors and head staff.

Do I require any certifications?

Depending on your program area you may or may not require certifications. Lifeguards, climbing instructors and waterfront and ski staff will receive specific on-site certifications during orientation. Many of our staff do come to camp with specialized certifications in their program area such as coaching licenses, first aid and wilderness certifications but this is typically not required.

Is there a health center on campus?

We do have a health center on campus with two licensed nurses that are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for minor injuries and illnesses. Should an issue arise that requires additional medical attention, we have access to an urgent care just minutes from camp as well as a hospital in town and 911 access.

What are the camp dates including orientation?

Staff orientation will begin a week before camper arrival. Staff will close their program areas, complete their inventories, and clean up their cabins before being released 1 or 2 days after camper departure.

When will I get paid...weekly or at the end of the summer?

All staff are paid at the end of their contract. You may, however, request an advance in salary if needed after the first 2 weeks of camp.

How much time-off will I have?

Staff are given one day off each week as well as one activity period per day. In addition, staff are given several nights off a week on a cabin rotation. Staff can earn additional time off through incentives for exceptional work.

What are the ages of your staff?

Our staff vary in age and experience. Many have worked at camp for multiple years while some may be former campers beginning their first year as a counselor. We are fortunate to have a diverse, talented staff from all over the world. Many of our staff are experienced teachers, coaches or college students looking for a fun and unique way to spend their summer.